Diallyl Phalate Composite – Electrical Terminal Strip
Westinghouse nuclear power safety device is diallyl phalate composite. This small ‘I’ beam is extruded 14 ft. long. It is drilled, stand-up rivits are then inserted and electronic parts are wave soldered in place. Thickness of the strip is .063 + or -.001. Assembled device with electronic parts is submerged with radio-active fuel rods and will last the life of the nuclear power reactor. Diallyl phthalate is a very high capability thermoset used in many military high frequency applications.




IBM-Parts “burn-in” Chutes—replaced aluminum. Chutes full of parts were dipped in hot brine for 15 min. Thermoset Composites did not corrode or expand out of tolerance. Chutes were used for 5 yrs.





Alkyd Polyester Composite ­Bag Sealing Strip

Bag sealing strip—Alkyd Polyester Composites(sp) — The extruded dovetail was much more accurate(+/- .001″) than the machined silicone laminate. Close or tight tolerances are not a problem. These materials are all U.L. approved.






Circuit Breaker PartsExcellent for circuit breaker parts. No “fuzz” from cut-off operations which can interfere with assembly and operation. Pulltrusions have problems with their fuzzy cut off ends. Extruded Thermosets don’t have this problem that stop the assembly cells.






Magnetic Thermoset Composites
25 poles were magnetized around a ring cut from a tube of 80% ferrite loade thermoset. It was then heat steaked to a thermoplastic hub. The application was a low temperature ice maker and there was little or no expansion to the part, which would have affected the close .004 overgap of the motor for a refrigerator application. Close tolerances are not a problem for Extruded Thermoset Composites.

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