Screw Machine Parts
Parts can be machined rapidly since they will not melt saving time and money. Screw machine parts in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. We have professional cutting instructions specifically developed for thermoset composites.





Multi-form ground parts

We have bushings for submerged applications for all types of fluids and chemicals as well as water. Multi-form ground parts used on pivot bushings for outboard motors both fresh and salt water. Parts were ground at 168 parts/min. Wear shock tests lasted for 6 million cycles at 200g’s. Test fixture failed but the bushings did not on any of the tests.






Small Motor Bushings

Auto electric blower motor—Thermoset Composite replaced powdered metal bushings. Our bushings never failed and the amperage draw went down 80%. Otherwise at low temperatures powdered metal bushings would freeze in the oil, motors wouldn’t start and fuses would blow.






Thermoset Composite Bushings

Large transportation Thermoset Composite grades — previous history shows nylon/glass lasts 3 months, bronze lasts 12 to 15 months, thermoset composites lasts 60+ months. For more information please go to our “Information” tab and/or click “No Grease” S-Cam Composite Bushings.

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