Truckers Comments and References

“Change bushings an average of every 2 years and more!” “Grease every 200 hrs., seals go too!”
“S-Cam sees more wear that the Bushing. Replacing S-cams.”
Hans Nogel
Alberta, Canada,  02/20/15

“Why didn’t someone do this sooner?” “Less to Grease!”
“Grease makes channels and its hard to gauge!”
(Ordered 12 S-Cam Bushings)
Chuck Sopa
Plover, WI 02/19/16

“Recently redid my entire brakes – shoes and drums etc. Later I had greasing done at a truck stop. I
drove from Lorado to Houston, TX. (Once there), I walked around the truck and smelled grease. One of the
wheel seals had leaked grease. There was a big glob of it on one of the new brake shoes. The shoe was
saturated with grease. I had to redo that shoe etc. They were brand new! This is what happens, its expensive!”
(Ordered 12 S-Cam Bushings for his truck and 4 Zinc Plated Tubes for his Trailer)
Mike Zielinski
Merritt Island, FL 06/19/15

Its very hard to reach it(the grease fitting in trailers) in order to grease it.
Referring to the Outside Bushing: “You don’t have to reach way up in there
to grease the bushing (like you have to when you do the inside bushings)
(Ordered (8 Total)(4) – 1 5/8″ ID, 2″ OD, 1 1/2″ L, (4) Large Ball Bushings)
Nick Latourette
Ft. Meyers, FL 07/15/15

Referring to the Swing gate on his Dump Truck “Grease fittings are just too hard to try and reach!”
“Not greased as often as they should be!”
(Ordered (12) Etcom “No Grease” Bushings for his Dump Truck Swing Gate
Murray Sherlock

“(I’m) Replacing my S-Cam Bushings every 2-3 months even if they are lubricated!”
You’re on our side (referring to Etcom)!”
(Ordered (8) Etcom Zinc Plated Tubes each w/2 “No Grease” Bushings)
Javier Contrekas
El Paso, TX 12/15/15

“If I do it, I put a little grease in the S-Cam Shaft. If you go to a truck stop they just pump it in and over grease it!”
(Ordered (8) ” No Grease S-Cam Bushings for his trailer)
Bernard Allhouse
Allhouse Truck’n
Burley, ID 11/18/15

“I just replaced all the brake parts on the rear of my trailer yesterday. I found a spot of grease on a brake shoe today.
Wish I’d known about your Bushings sooner…”
Lynn Webb
Presto, PA 05/26/15

“Real reason for purchasing (Etcom Bushings), I’m too busy, less down time. Grease gets everywhere!” Also, “Your Bushing went in fine!
(Ordered (4) Etcom Zinc Plated Tubes – w/2 “No Grease” Bushings)
Shane Boney
Boney Trucking
Belview, MN 11/04/15

“Trucker’s (in Texas) are having a lot of trouble with their S-Cam Bushingss cracking and breaking due to highway conditions.
You put new ones in and get a little wear and they get hammer and brake (from the road conditions)”
(Ordered (8) “No Grease” S-Cam Bushings for his trailer)
Raymond Moffat
Antlers, OK 05/26/15

“Only things left to grease (after installing Etcom “No Grease” Bushings) is the Drive Shaft & Slack Adjuster. I can access them both
from the top. No more crawling underneath the Truck to do the greasing!”
Randall Phillips
RK Phillips Trucking
Pulaski, VA 02/16/16

“I will be installing your Bushings on our Heavy Haul Trailer with average loads of 65,000 lbs.”
Will Shepard
S & S Enterprises
Shorter, AL 02/04/16

“…so hard to get to, to grease, the ones closest to the wheel.  They fail due to a lack of grease!”
Steve Bayne
(Etcom’s “No Grease” S-Cam Bushings will solve this problem)
Brooksville, FL 03/16

“The brakes are more precise!” “Much less drag on the “S” Cam” “Much more in control – the whole braking operation is smoother”
Mike Morgan
(Champion Race Truck Driver – Etcom Bushings – 67 Races and still running!)
Wartage, Tenn. 09/06/16

“Much SMOOTHER operation (of the brakes).” “They’ve only been on for 2 days and I’m already sold! They work like a dream! No rubber on the road, No locking-up, No need to brake hard and No Grease”
Jim Chesler
Hauls Sand and Gravel (73,000 lbs. hauling avg.)
McHenry, Ill 08/31/16

”I drive an Asphalt Truck. I ride ahead of the paver which pushes me along. It requires me to ride the brakes.The brakes heat up and melt the grease which goes onto the brakes shoes. The brakes start to squeal! Its ear piercing – loud!! Especially going down hill.”
(Ordered  12 Etcom– Standard “No Grease” S-Cam Composite Bushings)
Joe Paul
Paving Asphalt Dump Truck Operator
Bladford, Mass 4/1/16

“I replaced my S-Cam Bushings with new ones and the Brake Squealing did not go away.
I then installed your “No Grease” S-Cam Composite Bushings and the Squealing Stopped immediately and completely. No More Squealing!”
Jim Wenger
Hauls Flour for Mills
Manheim, PA 1/27/17

” The  D.O.T. (Department of Transportation in PA.) when they pull you over the inspection officer checks for grease on the brake shoes and drums. Even if Grease drips down onto the metal part of the brake shoe – they will Ticket you! The Grease gets squeezed out past the seals and drops onto the drum as well.  They will give you a citation. Guys get their truck brakes greased at a truck stop. They get pulled over for an inspection and they get a citation for grease being on the brakes shoes and/or the drums.”
(Ordered 8 Etcom “No Grease” Composite  Bushings for his Tractor)
Guss McGrew
New Eagle, PA 3/30/17

“I just placed my 2nd order, ‘They’re FANTASTIC!”
Guss McGrew
New Eagle, PA

“I’ve had the Etcom “No Grease” Bushings installed in my Dump Truck for over 3 years and haven’t changed them yet. The S-Cam Shaft is still tight – no play, no wiggle!  I’m also getting more even and longer wear on my Tires, Brake Linings and Drums, as well as Better Braking. Its surprising what a difference it makes.  The Etcom “No Grease” S-Cam Composite Bushings are a money saver and a Winner!!  I’m installing them on the new truck I just purchased.”
(Ordered 12 Etcom “No Grease” Bushings for his Dump Truck )
Fred Brown
West Chester, PA 5/4/17

The Torque from the Slack Adjuster wears a spot on the regular plastic bushing. Once a groove or indentation has formed the process repeats itself and eventually it gets worse and it stops applying the brake. (This can result in one side braking more than the other – Uneven Braking – which is a Safety Issue).
(Ordered 12 Etcom “No Grease” Bushings for Tractor)
Peter Wenger
Manheim, PA 7/24/17

“I’ve been running your (Etcom) bushings for 1 year, about 120,000 miles. I recently took them apart and there was
hardly any wear. I run my truck on dirt roads 40% of the time. Everything looks great!”
(Ordered 12 Etcom “No Grease” Bushings for his Tractor on 9/15/16)
(Ordered 8 Etcom “No Grease” Bushings for his Trailer on 2/17/17)
David Barnes
Goodland, KS 10/7/17

“I was going through a set of brakes every 6 months. Now, its been 1 1/2 year and they’re running fine. No more “lock-up”, they’re running smooth and evenly. My tires last longer as well as my brakes. On occasions when I have to jam on the brakes – they’re there! Good Braking! Beside the money saved. I get to spend more quality time with my family since on the weekends I’m not under my truck doing repairs.” Lots of savings in time and money!!
(Ordered 8 Etcom “No Grease” Bushings)
Jim Chesler
McHenry, Il 1/3/18

The Problem!
“Sometimes when maintenance greases the (S-Cam) bushings they end up popping the seals and the grease goes
right onto the brake shoes. Later, as you apply the brakes it glazes the (brake) drum! One time when we did a repair job
the S-Cam was rusted to the bushing – the grease being applied wasn’t reaching it!”
(Ordered 16 Etcom “No Grease” S-Cam Composite Bushings for his Dump Trucks)

Jeff Johnson
Johnson Sand and Gravel Trucking
New Berlin, Wisconsin 6/29/18

“I called and spoke with you 6 years ago when you just had the 1 bushing. I was always interested and have been telling people about your
product. You called me but I wasn’t ready – Now I am!!!
(Ordered 12 Etcom Standard Straight Tractor “No Grease” Composite Bushings for his Truck)
Noah Davis
Council Bluffs, Il 6/29/18

“I know you talk to a lot of folks and I didn’t know if you would remember me. I’m down in NC and I bought bushings for my trailer and truck (July 2017). I will be buying another set for my other trailer soon. Thought I would share this picture (upon request) with you. These brakes were run till they cammed over. I have never had this kind of even brake wear, ever. Always more on the bottom, droop I guess. You could not ask for better. I am sure that you have been told this, but I thought I would add my fantastic praise of your product onto the pile.”
(Ordered 8 Standard Straight Tractor and 4 Medium Ball – Etcom “No Grease” S-Cam Composite Bushings for his Tractor and Trailer)
Johnny Dark
JCC Trucking
Siler City, NC 7/19/18

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