“No Grease” S-Cam Composite Bushings Features

“No-Grease” S-Cam Bushings

*No-Grease Bushings never require grease

*Will not melt at any high temperatures

*They will not squash out from high shock loads like nylon does

*Greatly prolongs the life of brake linings, drums, and shafts

*Maintains tighter tolerances of the brake system which is a big advantage to slack adjusters and anti-lock brake systems.

*Eliminates brake squeal caused by worn bushings and shafts

*Not affected by road grime, oils, fuels or contaminates

*Easy to install…Press fit (As per the current installation instructions)

*Greatly reduces your maintenance manpower needs and down time (You will get 3 to 5 times your present bushings’ life cycle). Think of the time and money saved.

*They are a significant Safety Improvement.

For more detailed information on the advantages of the Etcom “No Grease” S-Cam Bushings please go to
“No Grease” S-Cam Composite Bushing.

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