Standard Costs Analysis


Tractor Trailers, Heavy Load Trucks and Flat Beds, Dump Trucks, Tanker Trucks, Car Carriers, Buses, RV’s. Low-Boys,
Trucks regularly exposed to Dust and Dirt environments.
As well as all similar vehicles with Drum Brakes and S-Cam Shaft Bushings (Foundation Brakes).

Approximately 40% of all out of service citations issued by
enforcement officials are due to brake problems.

Brake failures can be costly. Not maintaining brakes properly can
lead to accidents, uneven braking, uneven tire wear, down time, increased
maintenance costs and loss of revenue.

As an example, the material cost for maintenance and replacement of parts
for a single reduction drive axle on one type of bus can cost as much as $995.00.
The actual material costs are listed as follows:

BRAKE DRUMS (2) $240.00
BRAKE SHOES (4) $280.00
BRAKE CAMS (2) $130.00
SPRING & ROLLER KIT (springs, pins & rollers) $40.00
BRAKE CAM KIT (cam bushings, seals & shims, clips) $35.00
TOTAL $995.00*









* includes other wheel end components i.e. bearing and wheel seal installation.

The labor costs varies with the rate for those performing the work. However,
approx. 16 hours is required to perform the replacement work with skilled personnel.

A major factor in brake failures and related costs is grease. Grease can drip
onto brake shoes, linings and drums. The S-Cam shaft rides
in bushings which are contained in a housing. These bushings require grease.
Grease is typically pumped into the housings until it ultimately presses out through the seals.

The ETCOM “No Grease” S-Cam Composite Bushings requires NO
GREASE and will out wear, by 5 times or more than the normal life of other types
of S-Cam shaft bushings and because they use NO GREASE they
eliminate many of the different types of failures that are caused by grease.

ETCOM NO-GREASE “S” Cam Shaft Bushings have proven themselves in
service on city transit vehicles with frequent “stop and go” routes for over 3
years without ever requiring replacement!

Please contact us to discuss purchasing and installing ETCOM’S NO-
GREASE “S” Cam Shaft Bushings on your Tractor Trailers, Heavy Trucks, low-boys, mobile homes (RVs),
Buses, Class 8 Trucks and Similar Vehicles.

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